GET OFF THE GRID. Save Money. Save the Planet.

The cost of electricity is skyrocketing, and expected to rise continuously in the future.  Homeowners and businesses may think they have no control over these spiraling costs, but they do.  By getting off the grid.  Harnessing power from the sun and wind using the right combination of renewable products, the latest technology, and industry expertise to create an energy source completely independent of the power grid will put control and cost savings in the pockets of energy users, not the electric companies.  Perhaps more importantly, preserving our planet is critical now and for future generations.  Solar energy can make a major difference in reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuels on our environment.

Let us help you get off the grid.  Wild West Wind & Solar Power Company has been assisting homeowners and small businesses gain control of their electric costs and energy sourcing for eight years.

Customized Evaluation & Recommendations

The needs and goals for energy efficiency of each homeowner or business is unique. Wild West Wind & Solar Power Company provides a thorough evaluation and recommends a personalized, detailed solar and wind energy solution that utilizes the best solar and wind products, with an expedited timeline for installation.  Our customers appreciate this turnkey approach.

Highest Quality Products

Wild West Wind and Solar uses only "Made in the USA" solar and wind products that are of the highest quality in engineering, manufacturing and aesthetics and perform to efficiently and effectively maximize energy from the sun and wind.  Our solar panels and  have a 7-year proven track record of performance, with over 11,000 functioning units worldwide.  In addition, these products offer exceptional warranties.

Superior Design and Installation

Our staff is accredited by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), and customers are assured of receiving excellence in the design and installation of their solar and wind energy products.

Service Like No Other

It's a big commitment to switch to or supplement with solar and wind energy.  Customers want to be informed along every step of the installation process, feeling reassured of prompt, quality service during and after the project is complete.  Wild West Wind & Solar management and staff take this responsibility seriously and is a top priority in our business model.


Wild West Wind & Solar works with companies that provide funding assistance for residential and small business customers as well as with customers who have large megawatt projects that require substantial financial backing. These companies have the flexibility to take advantage of various local, state and federal incentives available. 

Wild West Wind & Solar is an Authorized SolarWorld Installer

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