Kill-A-Watt Cowboy

In 2007, Bob Oliver began to envision a big future for solar and wind energy.  After much research, he became convinced that solar and wind power would be the wave of the future.  A salesman at heart, with an impressive track record in other industries, Bob began educating customers about the benefits of solar and wind power, and has experienced success as a solar PV and wind turbine dealer. 

Over the years and with improved solar technology and products, Wild West Wind & Solar Power Company was born.  Wind turbines, colored solar panels, and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are offered by the company.  As innovations in wind and solar technology continue to develop, Bob Oliver and his Wild West Wind & Solar team will be on the forefront providing customers with the next generation of renewable energy products to assist them with reducing or eliminating their energy costs

Being a lover of all things country and a big believer in renewable energy, Bob likens himself as a cowboy who "kills watts" and "shoots down your wild electric Bill", hence Bob's alter-ego Kill-A-Watt Cowboy serves as the company mascot.