STORMS on the Horizon ?

One thing that Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas have in common is serious storms, the world-class kind.  Tornadoes are the most feared and probably the most violent but they don’t actually affect a high number of people because of their damage being contained in or near the touchdown point of the funnel.  However the super cell storms produce some of the most damage from hail . . . Even smaller, less “newsworthy “ thunderstorms can produce a lot of roof and property damaging hail.


The good news is most of the solar panels produced in the last 15 years are nearly bullet proof, so where do we come in?  The roof tiles and shingles that get severely damaged in a hails storm must be replaced and even though the portion of the roof that was covered by solar panels is fine the whole roof has to be replaced to insure the roof’s integrity.   If you rely on the roofer to remove and replace your solar panels and reconnect it to your power structure . . .  Well it’s most likely not going to meet code and you run a strong chance that it will be hooked up improperly or damaged in the process.  That’s why besides your roof repair being covered by your insurance company the “Remove and Replacement/re-commissioning” of your Photovoltaic System should also be covered. 


We offer this service on a regular basis. Hail is a part of life where we live and although it interrupts our normal business, we go out of our way to accommodate the roofer’s work schedule.


As a Bonus to the homeowner we also offer several ways of improving their system’s efficiency and /or increase the wattage output  of their system at a reduced rate because “We’re Already There”.   Everything is on the table when the Kill-A-Watt Cowboy is called on to listen to your wishes and needs after a storm.